StoryCraft Brand Starter Kit

The complete launch package for startups that want to stand out


You will…

Work closely with experienced marketers

Crystallize your audience and positioning

Establish a clear brand identity, online and off

Transform your website content to attract better customers

Get a fully customized Brand Style Guide

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“We built a great product, but we really needed StoryCraft to help us shape our story and messaging. If you want to truly connect with your customers, I can’t recommend the Brand Starter Kit enough.”


The Startup Challenge

Startups usually don’t have the resources in time, money, or talent to compete against more established players. In a world of global competition and endless digital noise, how can small companies stand out? It starts with telling a better story.

Your greatest competitive advantage is your identity.
Your values. Your voice. Your story.

Why Brand Identity Matters

Crafting the perfect brand identity is not a nice-to-have, it is crucial for…

Resonating emotionally with your audience

Compelling people to take action or follow your brand

Clearly standing out from your competitors

Getting funding and pitching successfully

But hiring a marketing agency, brand expert, or copywriter is expensive for a young business.

There’s a Better Way. Introducing the All-In-One Brand Starter Kit

The StoryCraft Brand Starter Kit bundles decades of marketing experience and brand building into a simple, affordable package ideal for busy small business owners.

In 30 days, we will build (or rebuild) your brand from the ground up.

Build it

Together we engage in a brand discovery process where we explore:

  1. Your audience – Who you are reaching, what’s driving them emotionally
  2. Your unique selling proposition – What makes you different and better?
  3. Your values, team and the history that drives your business

StoryCraft’s Brand Starter Kit gave us exactly what we needed —  a brand story that perfectly communicates why customers should believe in our product.


Craft it

Get a fully customized Brand Style Guide, which outlines:

  • Your personas
  • Your brand positioning
  • Your elevator pitch
  • Your brand voice, with examples
  • Your brand voice & tone
  • Clear writing style guidelines
Apply it

We’ll take your new brand voice and write (or re-write) your website copy, including…

  • Up to 8 webpages
  • Up to 3 iterations per page

Our Promise

The StoryCraft founder created the Brand Starter Kit to help small businesses access the marketing services we believe every brand needs to succeed in our competitive digital world – at a reasonable price.

This number reflects an all-inclusive, bundled price to build your company’s identity, brand voice and website copy. No hidden fees. No surprise charges.


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A real-live person will respond to you within 24 hours.

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