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StoryCraft Co-founder on the Unexpected Paths that Lead to Starting a Business

The following is an excerpt from an interview for the Opportunista, a network and resource for women entrepreneurs. Rochelle Bailis, the co-founder of StoryCraft, talks about the surprise twists and turns in her life that lead up to starting a business.

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E-commerce Brand Storytelling Isn’t a Nice-to-Have Anymore

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

— Seth Godin


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The Huge Choice Facing Every e-Commerce Brand: Lower Prices or Lifestyle?

Since the very first e-commerce purchase in 1994, the process of buying products online has evolved more rapidly. The complex, multi-channel retail industry we know today has created a unique dilemma for modern brands.

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4 Reasons Why Storytelling is Crucial for e-Commerce

There is a painful truth that every e-commerce brand eventually needs to face:
In the wake of globalization and discount retail giants, consumers can probably buy similar products to yours in a heartbeat. For less. With fast, free shipping. So why should they shop with you?

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