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How to Market Your Brand in a Post-Advertising World

Traditional marketing is dead. Gone are the days of brand building through ubiquitous TV advertising, billboards and Web banners. Consumers are now much more demanding in terms how they allow brands to interact with them. They don’t want to be merely marketed to. They want to be entertained, educated, informed, and exhiliarated by the brands that touch their lives.

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How Shwood Eyewear Taps Into Storytelling to Power Its Brand

To tell the story of Shwood, you need to go back to the tree. The majestic Madrone species, with peeling red bark and large, leathery evergreen leaves, found abundantly throughout the Pacific Northwest. From a limb of one such tree growing in a neighbor’s yard, Eric Singer whittled away until he fashioned a pair of glasses from the tightly-grained hardwood.

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